Time To Take It Up A Notch!

Today I was reminded why I don’t like to sit around doing nothing; I always get so hungry! Harvest went great, even had a new addition to the list. However, I had to wait home for customers to come collect, which meant I couldn’t do work on the coop. Nevertheless I still managed to sneak in a task or three.

By lunch time, with a few tasks under my belt, I decided to stay close to the phone. To pass time I picked up yet another book, I think its the third for the week. Talk about a book binge! In all fairness, they have been very helpful. I think I’ll do a few book reviews in the future.

Contrary to appearance, today was time well spent. I got the chance to be bored and reflect on my projects, goals, as well as plans to move it forward. I’ve decided to do my best to have the basic prototype fully operational by December 31, 2021. There, I’ve said it. Now, it’s time to take it up a notch. From that point onwards I’ll focus on activities to finance the further development of the system, into what I envisioned.

All in all, despite not being able to work on the coop, I was amazed by the amount of work I have gotten done for the week so far. Yes, I felt restless at times just sitting there, but that just means I’ll have to double up tomorrow to get it ready, by next week.