Unforseen Diversions And Task Tracker

Today was ladened with unforeseen diversions, but was not wasted. After receiving word that the landscaping team were coming today, I had to make a few preparations, which took up a good portion of the morning. They did a stellar job and I am quite pleased by the results, and the chickens are not complaining either.

While I was adding the grass clippings to the coop, I glimpsed something yellow on a bunch of Silk Bananas. Low and behold, it had started to ripen! I had totally forgotten all about that bunch. I decided to add it to the farm stand, and while I was at it I picked a few papaya to update the display image as well.

While all this was happening, I was reminded why I opted for a flexible schedule. I took a break, then got back on task. I even completed the task tracker spreadsheet. Now I can pull my to do list from the tracker and have fall back tasks for days like these.

Today could have easily gone South, but I am glad that I kept the big picture in mind. By doing so, I was able to be more flexible, while still making progress. These little wins kept me motivated throughout the day as I went back and forth.