Unplanned Package And Pleasant Surprise

The other evening, I got an unexpected, but welcomed message from a customer, who was enquiring about available items for this week. I couldn’t think of much at the moment, since harvest is scheduled to begin next week.

However, it just so happens that I was able to provide the items she wanted. With her order in I decided to see what else I could find around the garden, in order to make up a little gratitude package. I didn’t realize I had so many fruits in the garden! I truly appreciate the support from all my customers, which literally kept me afloat throughout 2020.

That delivery was a great start to the day, which only got more productive as it progressed. I finished building the new cucumber trellis and transplanting the seedlings. It’s a bit different from the A-Frame. Hope the new design allows the cucumbers to have more space to spread.

There are still a few spaces to be filled in Section 3, but I have to wait a bit longer, while the seedlings develop. In the mean time, I have a lot of tasks to keep me occupied; one of which is tidying up between the crops on the beds, once again.

With the week coming to an end I still have quite a bit of tasks remaining. I may not be able to complete all, but will have to ensure In get the urgent tasks out of the way. This was one hectic , but productive week, and it’s not over yet!