Waste Not Want Not

Today, I had to wait yet again for the chicks, which did not show up. During this time I felt drained. Uncertainty and idle time are like Kryptonite to me. However, I mustered up some energy, from deep in my reserves, to assist my mom with some drafting.

Like me, mom has been busy over the last few days doing prep work for her project. I didn’t have much to do, simply to add a few style lines. These had to be modified slightly, due to the material and intended use. It’s amazing just how close the final product is to the sample; material aside.

After assisting her, I spent a while working on my daily screenplay. Out of all the ideas, I chose one that felt light and even gave me the chance to use an INTERCUT for the first time. With each script, I get a general idea of possible stories I can get by combining them. I know I’ll have to modify them considerably in order to allow them to flow, as well as to carry other essential elements. All for now, I am happy with the daily progress.

At the end of the day, my mind was a bit foggy, but nothing a good night’s rest cannot solve. Next week carries with it the potential of a “clean start”. I’ll try to use that as a launchpad to get back on track. Let’s see if I’ll meet the end of month deadline.