Weird Lights And Strange Weather

Last night I was awakened by a loud hissing sound and bright red lights. I opened the window to investigate, but everything went pitch black. The entire neighborhood was in complete darkness, as far I I could see, since electricity was off. At that point, with sleep in my eyes, I lost interest and went back to bed.

This morning I woke up fully energized without a care in the world. I had not even giving a second thought to the strange dream I must have had, until someone asked about the lights. Other than that, I had a good night’s rest. I even woke up before the alarm and had an awesome workout.

While carrying out my morning tasks, the weather changed dramatically all of a sudden; from scorching, hot sun to ominous dark grey clouds. Talk about some crazy swings!

I had planned to transplant seedlings today, but ended up going to town to handle two other tasks instead, while I waited for the weather to sort itself out.

Seemed like the rain was “yangooing” me after I returned. Every time I put on my garden clothes it started to drizzle. Then shortly after I changed, it stopped for a bit. I won’t mind getting some rain though. It will save me a few trips to the river when transplanting the seedlings.

The day is now coming to an end, so won’t fight it. I’ve managed to complete a few items from the list. I’ll have to transplant tomorrow; as long as it doesn’t become a case for the X-Files.