What If I Treated My Blog As a Journal?

I’ve finally deleted the old blog; “The Simple Life” was not for me, well not the tag line anyway. While I like to keep things simple, it was a bit restrictive , and conflicted with my ultimate aim of freedom.

I live to try new things! For me the joy of life is actually living. It’s not necessarily an end goal, but all the mini experiments and adventures we experience along the way.

When it comes to documenting these experiences, having a structure is useful, but consistency is even better. Structure provides an orderly framework, which allows us to get things done…eventually. Unfortunately, I’ve always struggled to follow a specific blogging “outline”, and as a result have never been consistent with content creation.

Lately, I’ve realized that it’s much easier to just jot down whatever comes to mind, in a notepad. “I can always fix it in post.” Find what works for you!

Now let’s see what happens as I throw caution to the wind and treat my blog as a journal, documenting my journey, as I work towards my goals. This might just be epic!