What’s Up With This Heat?

I know we’re way too far from the volcano to feel its heat, but today was hot! After much twist and turning, and a cold shower, I was able to make the best use of it; drying seeds and egg shells.

Unfortunately, the lack of rain has already affected our water system and some plants; a laden plantain tree being the latest victim. It toppled over for no apparent reason, which was strange since it has withstood strong winds with ease. I figure it was a bit dehydrated. While not yet ripening, I figure the plantains are ready, since I’ve been monitoring that bunch for about two months now.

I had to let reason prevail and avoid the sun at its peak today. I got some website work done, and even updated some records. By the time outside had cooled down, I only had time to pick beans and start weeding section 4.

The rest of the day was spent preparing for the upcoming harvest and delivery tomorrow. However, it was not all work. I even got a little treat; Roti! I had not eaten that in a while. Of course I added a salad to keep on the healthy side.

I am pleased by what I’ve been able to accomplish today. I need to work on keeping on task and within schedule though. I can’t afford to take away too much from my sleep. I’ll have to work on that from next week.