When It All Comes Together

You know that smile you get plastered across your face when something works out as you had planned? Well, that was me for the last few days.

Over the last few weeks I had been preparing a terrace in the garden, despite the forecast of prolonged drought. Day in day out, I planted seeds, tended to seedlings, turned compost, and finally a few days ago was time to plant. Not a cloud in sight, with daily temperatures in the 90s.

Due to the lack of rain, I had to depend on the river to supply water to the planting area. So, for three days prior to planting I soaked the planting area, making endless trips to the river, in the hot sun. It was a task indeed!

I finished planting out the seedling on Sunday, and watered them again, and braced myself for the trips, but it was not to be… The rains came!

The system I am developing requires an initial soaking to truly activate it, after which time the area should not require any additional water input for a few weeks, how is that for drought resistant?

Many people say, “have faith it will work out…” When it works out immediately, then it’s all bliss, but true faith, determination, focus or whatever you may call it, is that inner push to get you to do what needs to be done, even when the outcome is uncertain.

Now that that the seedlings are planted out, it’s time to clean up and start the process over again; sowing seeds, preparing another terrace and compost, all with the aim of keeping the ball rolling.

Imagine what would have happened if I had given up and waited until the rains came to get started. That would have sucked big time!

Now, it’s time to continue working on the project page… it’s getting there.

I’m off for now. Until next time, keep pushing forward!