Is A Morning Routine Useful? 5 Things You Should Know

The practice of Morning Routines has been one of the most trending topics on the internet in recent months. With all the hype surrounding this practice, it makes you wonder if a morning routine is actually useful or just another marketing scheme. Done intentionally, a morning routine is a useful practice to set the tone … Read more

Online Business Action Plan? 10 Things You Need To Do

It is very easy to get carried away, when starting an online business. Without a clear plan to follow, it is common for most people get enticed by shinny object and unrealistic expectations, which intimately results in lost of time and money. In the following article, I share a simple 10-Step Action Plan, which I … Read more

Which Aspect Of The Business Should I Give Priority?

After a pretty nice harvest, I started to brainstorm the possibility of integrating my business ideas. However, I quickly realised how limited I am in time and other resources. I can see the end product in my mind already, but I have to be focused enough to get there. In light of this, I decided … Read more

First Step Taken, What Next?

After taking the first step to restructuring the business, I experienced some internal resistance as I debated whether or not to just reset the site altogether. However, as the day unfolded, so did additional information about my intended venture. Let’s just say, there is a reason that many people avoid that path, regardless of how … Read more

A Few Changes Over The Next 30 Days

After yet another late night, I spent most of the day brainstorming possible solutions to my time management issue. While doing this, I came across a few major issues with my current business structure. Frankly speaking, it is not scalable or far from sustainable, in its current state. I have however, decided on some changes, … Read more